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Welcome to Anti-Poverty Week

In 2020, Anti-Poverty Week will be held from the 11th to the 17th of October. Each year we choose an evidence-based solution to be a focus and partner with the leading campaign/organisation in that space to take action to end poverty. In 2019 we invited the Raise the Rate campaign led by ACOSS as increasing Newstart and related payments is the single most effective way to reduce poverty in Australia. Around a million Australians at that time were reliant on these payments which had not been increased in real terms for more than 25 years. Newstart at around $40 a day traps many people in poverty and many employers say it acts as brake on job search. We can improve our social security system to lift people out of poverty and unemployment – to truly give them a new start. Anti-Poverty Week strongly welcomes the doubling of the payment announced as part of the Federal Government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Anti-Poverty Week, YOU can help fight poverty & hardship.

During Anti-Poverty Week, you can help fight poverty and hardship.

Learn how you can take action in 2020 when anti-Poverty Week will be held from 11-17 October.

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