Anti-Poverty Week runs from 13-19 October 2019

Posters and Postcards from 2014

Posters and postcards 

Posters, flyers and postcards are available to promote Anti-Poverty Week 2014:

2014 A3 National Poster 2014 two sided poster 2014 Postcard
National Poster National Flyer Two sided Postcard two sided


Material for your newsletters and websites

Also available for inclusion in newsletters is an Anti-Poverty Week Join In Note and a Newsletter insert.


  JIN image        Newsletter insert image  
   Newsletter Join in Note   Newsletter Insert  


The Join In Note is available in three different sizes, quater page, half page and full page as well as Arabic, Chinese, Dinka, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

If you would like to create a direct link from your website, or emails, to the Anti-Poverty Week website please use our Anti-Poverty Week 2014 website button, available here. 

Website button image

Materials for Councils

For ideas on how your local council can get involved in Anti-Poverty Week see our 'Hands up if your council cares about poverty and hardship e-booklet and poster.

Check out our 'How councils can get involved' page for more ideas and information.

Council booklet image for website

2014 Council Poster image

 Booklet  2014 Poster


Materials for Schools

For ideas on organising an activity for your school visit our 'How school's can get involved' page.

For information on how to ensure that students who are experiencing poverty or hardship are able to fully participate in all aspects of school life see our Social Inclusion at School booklet.

Social Inclusion booklet 

Materials for Members of Parliament

For ideas on how you can encouarge a Member of Parliament to get involved in Anti-Poverty Week see our MP Information poster.

MP image website

Materials for Legal Services

For ideas on how you your legal service can get involved in Anti-Poverty Week see our Legal Services Information poster.

Legal Services Image website

Information and educational resources

A selection of information and educational resources on poverty and hardship in Australia and overseas is available here.