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Minister indicates decision on Coronavirus Supplement now after Federal Budget

More than 2.24 million Australians and their 1.1 million children are likely to have to wait until sometime after the 6 October Federal Budget to find out what level of payments they will be receiving in 2021.

This is according to an interview with the Minister for Social Services Senator Ann Ruston conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald and published on 9/9/20.

The Coronavirus Supplement will be cut of $300 per fortnight ( $150 per week from 25 September and will remain at  $250 per fortnight ($125 per week) until 31 December. It had been expected the decision on the level of payments from 1/1/21 (either an extension of the Supplement or permanent increase to payments affected, including Job Seeker), would be included in the Federal Budget.

It is not clear what factors will influence the decision.  The August ABS employment figures (17/9/20) reveal the partial jobs recovery was mainly in part-time employment and for those in self-employment.   See here for the ABC 7.30 Report story on the August employment figures,  which featured Anti-Poverty Week analysis.

Anti-Poverty Week will now become a key opportunity for a diverse  range of Australians  to tell the government payments must be permanently increased to at least above the poverty line.