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Federal Election – Poverty Briefing and key data by Electorate now available

More than 3 million Australians lived in poverty before the pandemic struck.  In December 2021, some 2.4 million adults and children were struggling to survive on income support payments that are well below the poverty line, that’s nearly one in 10 Australians – including 900,000 children (nearly 1 in 5).  Many are at risk of homelessness due to a shortage of affordable housing.

See our APW Election Poverty Briefing 10422.

Anti-Poverty Week has updated our analysis of the number of adults and children receiving the lowest income support payments for all Federal electorates.  This is based on people receiving Working Age Payments sourced from DSS Demographic Data, December 2021, and Anti-Poverty Week’s estimates of children per electorate.  The analysis also includes the data for unemployment payments ( JobSeeker and Youth Allowance Other) and Commonwealth Rent Assistance by Federal electorate at December 2021.  See Key DSS data by Federal electorates Dec 2021.

Further Election briefing will be available in coming weeks.