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APW 2023 Wrap-Up

2023 was our 21st year of acting on poverty.  We maintained advocacy to reduce poverty throughout the year, especially in the lead-up to the May Budget. In October we ran Anti-Poverty Week over TWO weeks from 15 – 27 October.

With the support of our National Facilitators Group and State and Territory Co-chairs we held over 40 events across the country and released these major national reports:

For more see:

APW 2023 Evaluation 

October 2023 APW Reports and Events

APW 2023 Media Coverage Report

2023 Briefing to Federal Parliamentarians

Along with most of our partner organisations, Anti-Poverty Week supported the Yes case for recognising First Nations people in our constitution through a Voice to Parliament.


Why Anti-Poverty Week Supports the Voice. 

Issues relating to Indigenous disadvantage and poverty