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Host an Activity

You can organise an activity within your community, school or workplace that will help bring an end to poverty. Any activity, large or small, that helps people to express their interest and concern about any aspect of local, national or global poverty is encouraged.

This year we have invited the Raise the Rate campaign led by ACOSS to be the focus on 17 October. This campaign is aimed at increasing the rate of Newstart and associated allowances by $75 a week.

Around a million Australians are reliant on these payments which have not been increased in real terms for more than 25 years. Newstart at around $40 a day traps many people in poverty and many employers say it acts as brake on job search. We can improve our social security system to lift people out of poverty and unemployment – to truly give them a new start. Stay tuned for more on what will be happening on the 17 October.

Check out Ideas for Activities for more ways on how to get involved.

Make sure to tell us about your activity so we can add your event to our calendar.