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Host an Activity

Anti-Poverty Week will be 13-19 October 2024, our 22nd year raising awareness and taking action on poverty.

We urge you to join the new End Child Poverty campaign, and sign the petition and pledge to end child poverty.

You can organise an activity within your community, school or workplace during Anti-Poverty Week this year that will help bring an end to poverty. Any activity, large or small, that helps people to express their interest and concern about any aspect of local, national or global poverty is encouraged.

Check out Ideas for Activities for more ways on how to get involved this Anti-Poverty Week.

Make sure to tell us about your activity so we can add your event to our calendar or submit your event or activity HERE.

You will need to supply – event title, date and time, event description, including key speakers and provide an image ( a jpg, png, or gif file under 16 MB in size, preferably square),