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Act to end poverty in 2024

In our 22nd year of acting to end poverty in Australia, we welcome your support and engagement, especially during Anti-Poverty Week, 19-23 October 2024.

Join the End Child Poverty campaign

Inspired by our focus on ending child poverty in previous years, our partner the Valuing Children Initiative is launching a new national campaign to End Child Poverty.

We invite you to join the campaign and take action by signing the pledge and the petition.

Host an Activity

We welcome any events that draw attention to the impact of poverty and ways to act to end poverty in Australia. See our comprehensive list of Ideas for Activities including:

  • online lectures, debates, workshops and conferences
  • in-person panel discussions, lunches, breakfasts
  • drop-in advice, training and information sessions
  • virtual competitions, exhibitions and tours

Make sure to tell us about your activity so we can add your event to our calendar or submit your event or activity HERE.