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Everybody’s Home

Poverty puts pressure on people – it’s constant and strong. If the pressure builds up, people can be pushed into homelessness.

We can relieve the pressure on people’s lives by creating
affordable housing and helping people get decent jobs. And we can
help people withstand this pressure by strengthening our social welfare  system and ensure all payments stay above the poverty line.

In 2020 Anti-Poverty Week partnered with the Everybody’s Home campaign to help ensure all Australians have a safe and decent place to call home.  We can end homelessness and increase housing affordability.  Investing in social housing is both the right and smart thing to do.

You can see actions as promoted by 2020 Homelessness Week , some of which are ongoing to the Federal Budget in May 2021.  The key action is to urge the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to invest in social housing which is win for both those who currently can’t afford a home and a win for jobs as we need to build our way out of the pandemic.

The Treasurer holds the key to the Budget. You can also meet with your MP or Senator and ask them to sign this I Support Social Housing pledge. See these resources , including heat maps which show social housing and homelessness need by Federal electorate.

See our Promotional Kit for social media tiles we created to support the campaign in 2020.

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