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APW 2021

During 2021 Anti-Poverty Week called on our governments to unlock poverty for millions of Australians by raising income support above the poverty line and investing in social housing.  In Australia 2.65 million adults and children struggle to survive on income payments that are well below the poverty line, that’s over one in 10 Australians – including close to a million children (1 in 5) who are growing up in the poorest families.  Many are at risk of homelessness due to a shortage of affordable housing.  In 2021 we brought together the Raise the Rate for Good and Everybody’s Home campaigns.  See our 11 October joint media release Solving the housing crisis and lifting income support will alleviate crushing poverty.

We took action with a Petition to the Treasurer which called for an increase in the base rate of working age income support payments to at least $67 a day, a 50% increase in Rent Assistance and an investment in social  housing.  

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