Anti-Poverty Week runs from 13-19 October 2019

How Schools Can Get Involved

Involving children and young people through school activities is an essential part of Anti-Poverty Week, and as many schools as possible are encouraged to do something, however small it may be.

There are three main ways your school can get involved in Anti-Poverty Week:

  1. You could organise an activity as part of Anti-Poverty Week. You can download this PDF for ideas for Organising an Activity for your School. You can also download a list of examples of activities run by schools in previous years.
  2. Anti-Poverty Week is an ideal opportunity to bring poverty into the school curriculum. You could use the week as a focus to teach children about poverty, its causes and consequences and ways it can be prevented or resolved. See information and educational resources for some materials and ideas, including a Global Poverty Teacher's Toolkit and Student Workbook.
  3. You could use the Week to launch a program at your school to ensure that students who are experiencing poverty or hardship are able to fully participate in all aspects of school life. This might include, for example, performing an 'Inclusion Review' to identify areas where those students might be excluded. For information and ideas, see our booklet 'Social Inclusion at School: How to Help Low-Income Families'. Also available is information on financial inclusion and schools.

    Social Inclusion booklet