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Share Your Story

Personal Stories

Personal stories can change hearts and minds. This year, we are encouraging our network to share their personal journey about living on Newstart and Youth Allowance.

You can share your story through the Raise the Rate campaign here or devleop your own social media content featuring stories of people who have experience of living on Newstart and/or Youth Allowance.

Depending on each organisation’s resources, the content could include video, photos and/or social media tiles. For examples of stories shared by ACOSS, please see Di’s story, Mike’s story, Olivia’s story, Juanita’s story. You can also find social tiles we have developed in our Promotional Kit.

Other resources

These are helpful videos that you can share to raise awareness of the Newstart rate:

Check out the examples included in the Senate Inquiry into Newstart Submissions such as these from the Consumer Health Forum:

there seemed to be no way out.  I was sick and couldn’t afford to get better.

I’m a victim of sexual assault resulting in a diagnosed anxiety disorder and depression.  I couldn’t afford the gap payment for counselling services.

A skin infection got totally out of control.  I did not have the cash to buy the creams.

 I am unable to afford the medication I need…I have had to stop seeing my psychologist…which has been very detrimental to my mental health.