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Promotional Kit

Anti-Poverty Week 2023 Resources

This Anti-Poverty Week will run for TWO weeks – 15-27 October 2023.

We have a range of exciting resources available including social media tiles, and important contributions made by our partners.

Stay up to date and connect with APW on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


You can download our logo and images to help with promoting your activity and to show your support. Have a look at the Anti-Poverty Week Brand Style Guide for more information on our logo usage.


Social Media Kit

You can download a range of Anti-Poverty Week tiles for your preferred social media platform and show your support by using #EndChildPoverty, also  #AntiPovertyWeek and #APW23

For Communications and Marketing students hoping to contribute to our  campaign, please see the Anti-Poverty Week Framing Guide to learn more about our approach.

APW23 Facebook and Instagram Tiles

Write YES Facebook and Instagram Tiles

APW23 LinkedIn Tiles

Write YES LinkedIn Tiles

APW23 Twitter Tiles

Write YES Twitter Tiles

A4 Posters

APW23 posters


APW Supports Voice to Parliament POSTER
Why Anti-Poverty Week supports the Voice to Parliament
Get involved in Anti-Poverty Weeks 2023
Get Involved in Anti-Poverty Weeks 15-27 Oct 2023

Highlighting Children’s Voices and Needs

Our APW YouTube channel offers great video resources and shares contributions from the Valuing Children Initiative in 2022 to support our goal to #EndChildPoverty.

Valuing Children Initiative

Here are some views on poverty from children in South Australia.  They were sent to the SA Commissioner for Children and Young People as part of her Student Voice Postcards Initiative.

The ANU Children’s Policy Centre also created some videos for Anti-Poverty Week 2022 on the impact of child poverty.

Student Voice Postcards

ANU Children’s Policy Centre Videos