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Thank you to all working on the front line

Anti-Poverty Week salutes all those working at the front line to help Australia get through this pandemic.  We are especially grateful to our health workers and the community sector organisations working to help those most vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 including people with disability, First Nations people, those with pre-existing health conditions and older people.  Listen to this great interview broadcast on Radio National with Foodbank, Meals on Wheels and UnitingCare Australia CEOs for more on what they’re doing and what they need.

Anti-Poverty Week will be definitely proceed this year from 11 -17 October.  We may not be able to physically come together to support Australians understand poverty and take action collectively to end it, but there will be plenty we can do.  We welcome your creative ideas!  Meantime let us know what you need from us as we go through these tough times together.  See a new guide we’ve produced How We Talk About COVID-19 Briefing.