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More than 300 organisations call on PM for social housing boost in Budget

Anti-Poverty Week is proud to have joined more than 300 organisations who have signed an open letter calling for a social housing construction boom, similar to that of the post-war era

The Everybody’s Home campaign is pushing for Australia to build 30,000 new homes in the next four years, not only to deliver families much needed secure housing but to also in a bid to create some 18,000 jobs.

See here for a copy of the full release which was covered on the ABC flagship AM radio program 28/9/20 (online story here). Social housing has also topped the list of most effective spending for the economy nominated by 49 economists and published in The Conversation 27/9/20.  The second most nominated was a permanent increase in the JobSeeker payment.   Both of these are the key solutions to reducing poverty Anti-Poverty Week has called for in 2020.