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Updated Briefing on Poverty, JobSeeker & Working Age Payments

We’ve now updated our Briefing on Poverty, JobSeeker & Working Age Payments.  You may find it useful if you are making a submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee considering this legislation (submissions need to be received by 5 March).  See also a guide from ACOSS Raise the Rate campaign.

We’ve also collated the most recent evidence to support our view that, contrary to what some may believe,  Australians do care about poverty:

  • Toni Wren, APW Executive Director on RN Breakfast 24/2/21
  • The Scanlon-Monash Index of Social Cohesion (SMI) provides an overview in the five core pillars of social cohesion: belonging, worth, social justice, participation and acceptance and rejection. These endeavor to answer the question: What is the state of social cohesion in Australia?  The 2020 report (published January 2021) found Social justice and equity jumped to 112 in July 2020 and 110.5 in November 2020 from 93.1 in 2019 (previous range was 87.5 to 98 between 2011 and 2018.)
  • The Smith Family survey of community attitudes published in January 2021 (based on November 2020 research)  found 82% of people agreed with the statement “helping children and young people overcome poverty should be a top priority for the country.
  • Above the Line, Perceptions of Poverty in WA, August 2020.
  • Earlier research summarised in APW 2019 Fast Fact Australians Care about Poverty.