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Pandemic continues yet critical supports are missing

Hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable Australians affected by lockdowns across Australia are having to cope on $500 per fortnight less than in the 2020 pandemic lockdowns.  The Coronavirus Supplement was $550 a fortnight from March to September 2020.  It no longer exists, replaced by $50 per fortnight permanent increase from 1 April 2021.  There is also no JobKeeper to help keep people connected to employment, leaving them vulnerable to being laid off altogether. One in four people receiving JobSeeker and other working age payments usually have earnings from employment but are likely to have lost jobs altogether or at least some of their hours.  The Federal Government is not allowing any of these recipients to receive the new pandemic payment of $500 pw. The Credit Suisse annual Global Wealth Report 2021 says Australia now has the highest median wealth per adult of any country.    As a nation we can afford to look after everyone.  It’s simply the right thing to do.  2020 proved we can make great strides on ending poverty in Australia.  We can’t turn away now.

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