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Webinar – Jay Weatherill: The Challenges of Early Years Reform

October 13, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Until we acknowledge the importance of the early years to lifelong learning, health, and emotional outcomes, reform will continue to be hidden behind a fog of confused responsibilities, incoherent government arrangements, and disconnected from the realities of family life. Services, particularly in relation to early learning, will continue to be unaffordable, inaccessible, and of variable quality.

A superficial overview of structures relating to early childhood point to five disconnected systems: childcare, preschool, children’s health, family and community services, and child protection. And in these respective five systems, there are five associated problems: unaffordable services of variable standards, disconnected, inaccessible, ad hoc, and unaccountable.

Few would dispute the system needs reform. The evidence suggests it should be a priority. Under such circumstances, the logical conclusion is that the government would act. This is inconsistent, however, with the nature of politics. Governments of all persuasions are confronted with a range of competing priorities – and will only take on challenging reform there is a strong movement for change demanding actions.

Our role, therefore, is to make early childhood development an issue that is impossible to ignore. This is not a simple matter. Like other sectors, the many impressive actors, organisations, and advocates devoted to early childhood have not always coalesced around a common objective.

This year, however, it is clear that a campaign is building in which many voices deliver one message: the need for change is real, immediate, irrefutable.

Join Jay to hear about the Thrive By Five Campaign working to ensure every child, and every family, can access quality, affordable early education and care, and how you can get involved.


Title: Webinar – Jay Weatherill: The challenges of early years reform
Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Time: 1.00pm-2.00pm AEDT
Price: Free of charge